Gaia Ceramics and Stella Rokkou are happy to invite you and your friends, to a unique experience of an art holiday in the beautiful city of Kavala in Greece. To find out more about our city, visit the official site of Public Benefit Organisation of Kavala here: 


Unravel your artistic expression through one of these ceramics seminars, specially designed for beginners, while spending your holidays in one of the most beautiful cities of northern Greece.

Gaia’s studio is located in the old town, surrounded by the old walls of the castle and overlooking the Aegean sea, providing an exquisite space for both relaxation and creation.

It is an excellent chance to get to know clay as a material and a means of art expression.

You will have the opportunity to create your very own ceramic objects, learn and work with various techniques for handmade or pottery wheel objects.

Explore the dynamic city of Kavala during your free time, which offers a variety of traditonal tavernas, trendy bars, bakeries and a shopping district. Situated on the Mediterranean coast, there are many beautiful sandy beaches in Kavala with crystal clear waters, both within walking and driving distance.

Gaia Ceramics Workshops
Gaia Ceramics Workshops



1st Option:  5 days 5 hours a day full course 850€/person


Training and Techniques:

- Familiarising with clay and creating the first object

- Creating an object using the coil technique

- Decoration with insert, sgraffito

- Slips and engobes techniques

- Slab techniques

- Imprints

- Pottery wheel

- Bisque Firing (980°C)

- Underglaze coloring and painting

- Glazes and second firing (1020°C)


     This course includes five days, five hours a day of training and creation, a tour to the old town as well as an archeological tour to the nearby ancient city of Philippi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The daily program starts at 10:00 until 15:00Beverages and snacks will be offered during the program.

2nd Option: 5 days 2 hours a day mini course 350€/person

This course includes five days, two hours a day of training and creation.

The daily program starts at 10:00 until 12:00 am or 6:00 until 8:00 pmBeverages and snacks will be offered during the program.

3rd Option: 2 hour daily ceramics experience 50€/person

This course provides a two hours experience working with clay in a creative way. Beverages and snacks will be offered during the program.

    - To book a full course or a smaller one, please inform us about the dates you are interested in, with an e-mail.

     - Special discount available for groups. Contact us for more.

     - We provide all the nessesary protecting measures for Covid-19. We keep safe and creative!!

Gaia Ceramics Workshops