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Gaia Ceramics is a place of creative expression.

Come and meet the most vibrant raw material, clay,

and discover the ancient art of ceramics.

Stimulate your imagination, unleash your creativity

and discover the artist within you.

Relieve your anxiety and the tension of every day life

at the beautiful place of which our school is located, by providing a creative time for you and your children.

The head of Gaia Ceramics is the ceramist

Stella Rokkou, a graduate of Ceramics School of Thessaloniki.


Stella has extensive experience in teaching and has been working with teaching at people

with special skills and of every age for 30 years.

For many years, Stella has been working with the design and manufacturing of handmade ceramic pieces, while participating in commercial fairs and exhibitions. In addition, Stella has also produced wholesale quantities for distinguished shops throughout the country.

At Gaia Ceramics we regularly organise seminars

and events with the purpose of getting to know clay

and its applications in various ways.

We also hold themed workshops for children,

which gives them the opportunity to work,

through playing, using their imagination on a specific subject which is usually seasonal all whilst getting to know clay as a raw natural material.

Stella Rokkou
Gaia Ceramics Object
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